Our iStreams ERP modules  are designed with customer centric approach.

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Our iStreams ERP modules  are designed with customer centric approach.
In terms of a business solutions, it is....

Information With real time information on Production & project management, planning, machine hour management, HR planning and project monitoring and subcontracting management

Integration Production and Project information integrated with real time cost and profitability analysis, costing and financial records up to Balance Sheet

Controls Instant control of the projects and overall business situation with full analysis of costs, revenues, assets, liabilities and subcontracting management


Our Vision

To Create, a vibrant and a productive environment to the Management  with a  result oriented values for their each  functions across an Organization.

Our Mission

To enhance the effectiveness of the Daily & Progressive Management of an Organization with visible results by implementing our iStreams - ERP Solutions across all departments or for a particular  department.

Our Core Values

Customer Fulfillment

User Friendly & Suitable for all Customers

Strict adherence on Schedule

Customer delight


Job Costing


Packing & Delivery

Task MAnagement

Documents & Communications

Latest Work


Process Walkthrough

A walkthrough differs from software technical reviews in its openness of structure and its objective of familiarization


24/7 support

Will support Anytime Anywhere.


Hosting & Storage

Secure Cloud Storage Hosting. DreamObjects is an inexpensive object storage service.


Customization options

Customization is done to improve the Enterprise software to satisfy your exact needs.

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